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Still Ok in Cappadocia

It is 06:30 (in the morning) on Wednesday and I am still writing (from last night). The Call to Prayer is sounding. Dogs are howling. I think the wind is howling. It's hard to tell what I'm hearing. The cacophony of sound is so very loud and feeling so very wild. The air sounds fierce. I know that this barking-howling dogs-of-Turkey sound-chaos happens throughout every night and that it is intensified every morning when the Call to Prayer begins. Most often, I don't hear it. Most mornings at 06:30 I'm sound asleep, exhausted from staying awake into the wee hours of the next day. Today is one of those days, though, that I haven't laid down to sleep yet, so I am aware of the sound of life in Turkey at 06:30.

I have been trying to finish this blog for days. I keep falling into rabbit holes. It is becoming a very long post. To help you read all the way through this blog, I thought I would separate it into chapters. I may or may not have succeeded in doing that well. You may want to take breaks... between chapters. You may find that, reading through this particular blog, you too fall into rabbit holes.

I actually set some rabbit hole traps for you. In this case, allowing yourself to fall into rabbit holes may well be worth your time. If you do, in the long run, I think you will be happy to have fallen into the rabbit hole that is Cappadocia.

Look for big things, coming soon... I hope!

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