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Ami Ji Schmid

"AH-me g." is a trained and experienced Psychosynthesis and Trauma and Grief Support coach. She is the founder of the Compassionate Revolution (TCR... formerly CRGG), Five Body Yoga, and Compassionate Community Retreats. Ami Ji has been called "the Hope Restorer" and "a safe container" with whom you can wholly explore, feel, and talk about shame and guilt, trauma, death and grief.  Ami is an intuit and empath, with a core belief in energy-based spirituality. She holds a master's degree in MH Counseling, is trained in Addiction and Suicide Prevention, Hospice and Bereavement Support, Mindfulness (as a path to Chronic Pain Control, Emotional Self-Regulation, Self-Acceptance, and Inner Peace), and Psychosynthesis psychology.



Marjorie Gross 

Counselor and Coach

“In one session with Ami I got what I didn’t get after decades of psychotherapy and coaching. ”


A session with Ami has provided me with more insight, a deeper perspective of my grieving process, and the freedom to feel without shame or embarrassment. >

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It was a release during a time that I felt no-one would understand. But, more than this, I will forever be grateful for Ami’s warmth and gentle honestly. I highly recommend Ami for anyone seeking emotional healing. 


Sessions with Ami have turned out to be literally life-changing. Where I had fallen into deep depression, Ami helped me acknowledge the powerfully strong sadness of grief that ebbs and flows... >  

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...and reframe my thinking in ways I had never imagined. Through Ami’s gentle and wise guidance, feeling a sense of peace...seems so possible now! I am more grateful than I can ever express...


Working with Ami is a sacred experience...both Spirit-driven and grounding. I [feel] safe to explore the deep parts of myself, the scary parts, the hurt parts, the angry parts.  >  

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Ami’s therapeutic style is respectful, professional, authentic and warm... I feel seen and heard for who I really am & what I have to offer, and feel empowered by the transformation that occurs during our sessions together.

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