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Ami Ji Schmid

"AH-me g." is a trained + experienced Radical Self-Acceptance and Trauma + Grief Support coach, and the founder of the Compassionate Revolution of Grief + Grieving (CRGG). She has been called "the Hope Restorer" + "a safe container" -  with whom you can wholly explore, feel,+ talk about shame + guilt, trauma, death + grief.  Ami is an intuit + empath, with a core belief in energy-based spirituality. She holds a master's degree in MH Counseling, is trained in Addiction + Suicide Prevention, Hospice + Bereavement Support, Mindfulness (as a path to Chronic Pain Control, Emotional Self-Regulation, Self-Acceptance, and Inner Peace), and Psychosynthesis psychology.

Education, Training + Experience

1975; 1976; 1979: (certificate) Nursing Assistant (area specific trainings)

1975-77: (job) CNA Pilgrim House Nursing Home, Peabody, MA

1976-77: (job) CNA (Physical + MH) Rehab Center, Lenox, MA

1979 (job) Cerebral Palsy Center, Santa Barbara, CA


1977: (training) Trauma Awareness + Suicide Prevention; Seattle, WA

1977-78: (job) Suicide Prevention (emergency telephone) Counselor - "RAP" line; Seattle, WA (11 pm - 7 am shift)


1980: (credit) Goddard College, Plainfield, VT: one-semester study: The Healing effects of Music

1981: (training) Institute for Higher Consciousness Studies: metaphysics + Energy Medicine studies, Santa Barbara, CA  (self-study > Present) 

1982: (training) Whole Foods Nutrition, Manchester, NH (self-study > Present)

1983-85: (degree) Associate of Science: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (curriculum included MH; trauma; suicide prevention)

1984-85: (internships) DHMC (Rehab dept), Lebanon, NH + MHSSV (residential, community mental health), Springfield, VT

1885-87: (job) COTA + Death Doula, Sullivan County Nursing Home, NH (initiated + facilitated "Life Review" group)


1987: (certificate) Hospice Volunteer Training, Keene, NH

1987-Present: (volunteer, job) Grief Support counselor

1987-1990 (creator; facilitator) John Bradshaw Workshops (for the general public), Brattleboro, VT


1987-97: (job) (Mental Health) Residential Counselor/ Outreach Case Manager/ Groups Facilitator - CRT/Adults: MHSSV/HCRS, Springfield/Woodstock/Brattleboro, VT

1987-Present: (training; teacher) Movement for Health (variety: dance aerobics, water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Ecstatic Dance), VT, FL; in-person, online

1990-Present: (business creator, practitioner) Integrated Healer - "Intuitive Touch Massage"; "Mind-Body-Spirit Healing", VT; in-person, phone, online


1998-2004 (job) Assistant/ Co-Teacher + Summer Camp Counselor, Hilltop Montessori School, Brattleboro, VT

2001-2003 (degree) Bachelor of Arts: Union Institute + University, VT - Alt. Education + Spirituality through Children's Literature + Dance

2002-2003 (creator, producer, director) "The Connection" dance troupe


2005 (daughter died from heroin-overdose)

2005-2010 (creator; facilitator) The Michelle Workshop: drug + suicide prevention workshops for teens/young adults, VT Schools + Youth Groups

2005-2009 (co-founding Board member) Vermont FACES (Families of Addiction Consulting for Effective Services) 

2006-2009 (initiator, co-facilitator) “WITS END” education/support group for families dealing with addiction, Brattleboro, VT  

2005-2010 (multiple certificates; advocate) field of study: Addiction Prevention, Recovery + Advocacy, VT, NH, MA, CT, Washington D.C.

2008+2009 (2 certificates) New England School of Addiction/Prevention Studies, NH, CT

2012-2015 (degree) Master of Science - Mental Health Counseling, Nova Southeastern University [School of Psychology]

2012 (certificate) Suicide + Violence Awareness + Prevention (Dr. Scott Poland) FL

2015 (internship) Clinical Mental Health Counselor: CRT + Outpatient Adults; HCRS, Brattleboro, VT

2015-Present (co-founding member) Compassionate Friends chapter, Brattleboro, VT

2016-Present (job) Airbnb "Healing Retreat" host, Brattleboro, VT

2016-Present (transformational + support coach) VT; in-person, phone, online 

2017-2018 (certificate) Transformational Psychosynthesis Life Coach CCE approved professional coach training, The Synthesis Center + Synthesis Northeast L.L.C., Chesterfield, NH

2019 (certificate) Advanced Psychosynthesis Practitioner Training, The Synthesis Center, Amherst, MA

2019-Present (training) monthly workshops, PsNE, Greenfield, MA

July-October 2017 (4 friends died, one to suicide)

January 2018 (son-in-law died from suicide)


January 2019-Present (facilitator) online Meditation group - Mindfulness- and Psychosynthesis-based (currently 3X/week)

October 2019-Present (business creator, Psychosynthesis Coach) TLC Coaching and Consulting Services; online

March 2020-Present (facilitator) online 'Movement' group - moving the physical, energetic, mental & emotional bodies  (currently 3X/week)

March 2020-Present (business creator, Trauma+Grief Support Coach)

January 2021-Present (business creator, Compassionate Revolution of Grief + Grieving) co-facilitator of (16-week) Course 1: Release Stress, Heal Trauma, Accept Loss, Allow Grief


Marjorie Gross 

Counselor and Coach

“In one session with Ami I got what I didn’t get after decades of psychotherapy and coaching. ”


A session with Ami has provided me with more insight, a deeper perspective of my grieving process, and the freedom to feel without shame or embarrassment. >

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It was a release during a time that I felt no-one would understand. But, more than this, I will forever be grateful for Ami’s warmth and gentle honestly. I highly recommend Ami for anyone seeking emotional healing. 


Sessions with Ami have turned out to be literally life-changing. Where I had fallen into deep depression, Ami helped me acknowledge the powerfully strong sadness of grief that ebbs and flows... >  

Jan Rosmarin. picture.JPG

...and reframe my thinking in ways I had never imagined. Through Ami’s gentle and wise guidance, feeling a sense of peace...seems so possible now! I am more grateful than I can ever express...


Working with Ami is a sacred experience...both Spirit-driven and grounding. I [feel] safe to explore the deep parts of myself, the scary parts, the hurt parts, the angry parts.  >  

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Ami’s therapeutic style is respectful, professional, authentic and warm... I feel seen and heard for who I really am & what I have to offer, and feel empowered by the transformation that occurs during our sessions together.

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