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OK in Cappadocia

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Do you remember the transactional analysis self-help book: I'm OK - You're OK...? Well, I'm OK. You're OK.

I've received emails and texts from dear ones like you who have not seen a travel post and wonder, "Are you Ok, Ami?" Thank you for reaching out. I am Ok! And for those apologizing for taking up my time, I appreciate you, all of you... even your curiosity and concern. I love you. You're OK.

While I craft the next blog (that I have been working on, I promise : -), I will give you a short visual teaser of why I have not been blogging as much...

Here, I've captured a moment during one (of every) night at the cafe here at my hotel...

One afternoon, some local students, who I met while hanging out here at the hotel cafe, invited me to join them as they rode bicycles and then horses...

The cats of Turkey...

The dogs of Turkey...

Watching the sun set while waiting to watch a wedding party begin...

We are OK :). And, there's more to come...

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As my dearly departed friend, Wayne, used to say, "Good stuff" 💥

Ami Ji Schmid
Ami Ji Schmid
Nov 16, 2023
Replying to

Wayne London? Big heart 💖

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