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The Compassionate Revolution

Creating Communities of Support

Through Workshops, Retreats, and Courses
in-person and online

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"Grief is a sacred teacher. When Grief is allowed into our life, we end up understanding compassion.
When we support each other as a community (in allowing  grief ), we are creating a compassionate culture."
Creating a compassionate culture is a revolutionary idea.
Welcome to The Compassionate Revolution."
Ami Ji Schmid


Building Community

When we humans explore together and with Nature, we understand that we are not alone. We realize that we have similar struggles, are tenants of the same planet, and breathe in and out of the same energetic field.  We feel a sense of solidarity and connection. We care more authentically for ourselves, each other, Nature, and beyond. We find gratitude for the parts within ourselves, and for ourselves as part of the whole. When we explore this together, we hold space for our individual and shared growth. Together, we build a community of practice that, ultimately, will move our culture toward compassion.


Gathering Tools

We exist as a spirit, or energetic force, in a physical form, with thoughts and emotions. We use tools to loosen, open, and expand stuck places as they show up in any of these bodies. We have a toolbox that stores our tools as we gather more and more of them. We take our tools out and use them regularly to maintain a healthy flow and a whole existence.



"There is one tool that works," said the wise One... "It is the one you use." In community, we are reminded and supported to use our tools. We develop healthy habits and helpful practices. We practice allowing, accepting, feeling gratitude, finding our peace, and tuning in to compassion. We practice coming back to the realization that we have parts of ourselves inside we may avoid or shun and need to embrace and help heal. We remember that we are greater than any one of our parts and that we are part of something larger. 

TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses for families, groups, and communities support:

  • Daily stress- and trauma-release 

  • Individual and communal healing 

  • Grief and grieving individual and communal loss

  • Self-care, boundary-setting, and communication skill-building

  • Finding and implementing solutions

  • Cultural change toward equity and compassion

TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses encompass, embrace, and cultivate compassion:

  • Offering accessible and integrative tools, time to practice, and support

  • Releasing stress, Healing trauma, Accepting loss

  • Normalizing grief - from small to large losses, from personal to the collective

  • Expanding our ability to understand, embrace, and integrate compassion 


TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses are for:

  • Individuals, Families, Groups, Businesses, Communities

  • Collaborators, Lifelong learners, Creative thinkers, Heart-based empaths, Seekers 

  • Leaders who want to gain/maintain compassionate, equitable, and ethical practices

  • Mediators, Advocates, Artists, Parents, Teachers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Coaches, HealersMedics, Palliative Care Workers, End-of-Life Doulas

TCR Workshops, Retreats,  and Courses illicit:

  • Intimate, cathartic, and transformational experiences and connections

  • A personal and shared commitment toward compassion and equitability

  • Tools and concepts to use and share

  • Inner, familial, and communal peace



"TCR workshops, retreats, and courses include the point and all its neighbors. They are

Holistic and Comprehensive"

- Daniel K, Vermont

Online meeting

TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses 

can be personally designed for your group's needs. 


Explore your options today!

or choose from an established
Menu of Options

TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses
The Lost Learning of Compassion

Release Stress, Heal Trauma, Accept Loss, Allow Grief

We are at a UNIQUE TIPPING POINT in hystory. Each of us holds WEIGHT and POWER.  If you are ready to be a part of the REVOLUTION toward a COMPASSIONATE and EQUITABLE future, TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses will help you establish healthier habits, a plan and steps toward the goal of Compassionate cultural change, and the opportunity to collaborate with others in the Movement. Your participation will change you. Your changes will ripple out to those you serve, your community, the world, and beyond.


We all hold within us Trauma as old as the Big Bang.  When we learn to recognize our own internalized trauma, learn and use tools to heal it, and commit to this process as an ongoing lifestyle, we are HEALING THE PAST and CHANGING THE FUTURE. We are breaking a pattern - no longer passing trauma on to our descendants.  We can restructure our mind and lifestyle to include daily releases of stress, ongoing healing of trauma, a realistic reframing and acceptance of loss, a deep reverence for Grief as Sacred Teacher, and a gentle allowing of the ongoing process of grieving. When we do these things, we are doing our part to help create a compassionate and equitable future for ourselves, our family and friends, those we serve, our community, and the world.  We are embodying the change. We are supporting this change in others. We are changing the culture. We are being part of the solution. 

TCR workshops, retreats, and courses offer professional, effective, ongoing Educational Training and Compassionate Support for those ready to make this commitment. 




The Compassionate Revolution (TCR) is an emerging university, a collaboration, a project, and an experiential learning forum.

TCR was founded by Ami Ji Schmid* and enhanced by friends and colleagues. TCR was born from a shared vision for a supportive educational setting where we can (personally and collectively) evolve compassion. It's a place for:

  • learning, listening more deeply and communicating from our loving brain and heart

  • strengthening our commitment toward a whole sense of Self, stepping more fully into the present, and following our higher calling

  • consistently re-aligning ourselves toward an equitable and sustainable world culture that includes healing and compassion

  • becoming a role model, mentor, and contributor within the emerging culture of compassion


The realization that the world is broken has become more visible to more people and we are at a tipping point:

  • pandemic(s), environmental crisis, political divide, a long-overdue increased awareness of social and racial injustice, gun violence and ongoing wars 

  • all-time high levels of “diseases of despair” (addiction, depression and suicide) due to loneliness, stress, trauma and loss 



There is a solution, and it is housed in compassion. Compassion starts with understanding... understanding that every person has daily and accumulated stress, personal and collective trauma, large and small losses, and much to grieve. 


When we allow Grief to be part of our life and to become our sacred teacher, we begin to understand compassion; we begin to find the solution to calming the world's madness.


You are invited to be part of the solution. You are invited to join The Compassionate Revolution.

Participants of TCR workshops, retreats, and courses will be authentically and compassionately supported while deep diving into self-care and healing practices, and expanding our Spiritual Allyship.


TCR workshops, retreats, and courses offer personal journeys, educational training, and are a hotbed for collaboration toward change.

TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses include:

  • time to personalize and metabolize new material and (re)build healthy habits

  • an introduction to racial and social justice practices and spiritual allyship

  • ongoing opportunities to listen for your personal calling, strengths, and areas to (compassionately) heal, transform, and grow

  • Mindfulness and meditation practices

  • opportunities to understand and practice forgiveness and radical self-acceptance

  • learning and practicing clear, compassionate, non-violent, and authentic communication

  • ongoing, supported time and space to build trust, connections, and collaboration

  • the opportunity to meet Grief as Sacred Teacher


The curriculums are designed to cultivate intimate, cathartic and transformational experiences and connections, and to establish a personal and shared commitment toward creating a compassionate and equitable world for all to live in. TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses are designed for personal and professional growth.


*Ami Ji Schmid


Ami Ji created and facilitates Five Body Yoga® and Compassionate Community Retreats®  

For more information about Ami Ji, please visit TLC Coaching and Consulting Services HERE.



Alli Lubin | Musician/Teacher | Chester, Vermont

"This course provides a safe space to take a deep breath, look inside,

speak from the heart and listen with the soul."

Nancy Blickenstaff | Retired Administrator | Massachusetts 

"CRGG Course 1 has been instrumental in changing my life. 

It helped me work through grief when I didn’t believe I had any.

Releasing stress and having a safe place with wonderful caring facilitators helped me

work through past trauma, dramatically reducing PTSD symptoms

My experience with the 2021 CRGG Course 1 was such an incredible experience, I will take it again in 2022."

Kathylee Hazel | Peer Advocate | Virginia 



"When I took my first TCR Course in 2021, my partner had just died and I lost my job.

I felt isolated from everyone and everything I had known for the past 27 years, was in shock, and felt tremendous sadness.

The TCR group rapidly became a strong network of friends and a needed sounding board.

Connection like this was the key for me to enable calm and consistent healing.

Throughout the course, we cultivated compassion and learned tools to heal both personal and collective trauma.

Developing healthy personal habits, sharing in the group, listening to others, and learning together

added to the richness of the curriculum

which included a multitude of embedded links for further exploration.

I am really looking forward to revisiting this material and participating again."

Alli Lubin | Musician/Teacher | Vermont, USA

"The course provided a safe space to take a deep breath, look inside,

speak from the heart and listen with the soul."

Nancy Blickenstaff | Vermont, USA 

"TCR Course 1 was instrumental in changing my life. 

It helped me work through grief when I didn’t believe I had any.

Releasing stress and having a safe place with wonderful caring facilitators helped me

work through past trauma, dramatically reducing PTSD symptoms

My experience with TCR Course 1 was such an incredible experience, I will take it again."

Kathylee "Kat" Hazell | Peer Advocate | Maryland, USA 


"When I took my first TCR course, it was early in my recovery from addiction.  

This course gave me even more tools to navigate the early recovery ups and downs.

I appreciate that the course was 16 weeks because it gave me

time to sit with the material and bring it into my regular practice.

I better understand the many ways loss and grief show up,

 and that stress and trauma can be held and stuck in my body.

This course gave me tools for myself and tools that help me show up for other people

TCR was vital for my growth and I look forward to further courses to deepen my practice. 


RF | Vermont, USA 

Abstract Linear Background

Mahla Brown, Springfield, MA, USA

"Ami has been my meditation teacher since 2019. I have been able to immerse myself in my meditation practice in a way I had never experienced before... overcoming some of my mental & spiritual blocks. She emphasizes the connection between one's mental and spiritual state with the world around us... with one another and our inner selves. Her method has been balancing and comforting for me and others... [and] Ami's artistic, therapeutic, and rewarding approach to teaching meditation is only enhanced by her love and belief in people."

TCR Workshops, Retreats, and Courses now available online and in person! 


You can participate in TCR workshops , retreats, and courses no matter where you are. These online or in person experiential and intimate gatherings range from 2-4-hour workshops to weekend retreats to 16-week courses to long-term trainings. All TCR workshops, retreats, and courses move through and beyond personal and intellectual learning, toward a Collective Conscious lifestyle of Universal Friendship and ongoing collaborations. 


Find out what TCR can do for your group...

Example: 16-week Course Curriculum


Module 1

week 1:  Understanding + Releasing Stress (part 1)

  • Building a cohesive group: Meet and greet; agreeing on Group Guidelines

  • Understanding Stress: Healthy stress, Cumulative stress, Stress > Trauma

  • Releasing stress by moving the Physical Body

    • Tuning in to the Psychological Function of "Sensation"

    • Touch: Self-Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure Points

    • Breathing and Breath work, Humming, Qigong Shaking

    • Walking and Dance: Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv, Gaga

    • Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates

    • Alexander Technique: Lengthening, Widening, Undoing

  • Tuning in to the Psychological Function of "Need, Impulse, Desire"

    • Play and Sleep 

  • Rest, Be, Grieve

week 2:  Releasing Stress (part 2)

  • Releasing stress by moving the Mental Body

    • Journaling, Talking, Sharing​

    • Mindfulness and Meditation

    • Reset your mind through Reframing

      • CBT tool: ABCD method​

      • Intro to Psychosynthesis​

        • Egg Diagram, Subpersonalities, Both/And​

      • Forgiving, Compassion, Gratitude (exercises)​

  • Rest, Be, Grieve​

week 3:  Releasing Stress (part 3)

  • Releasing stress by moving the Emotional, Spiritual, and Energetic Bodies

    • Tuning in to the Psychological Function of "Feeling, Emotion"

      • Accessing Emotions and Increasing Emotional Intelligence

      • Moving Emotions and "Whimper Cry"

    • Tuning in to the Psychological Functions of "Intuition" and "Imagination"​

      • Accessing Transpersonal Qualities​

    • Ecotherapy in 3 Cultures. Nature and Negative Ions

    • Chakras and Chakra Meditation

    • Qigong, Energy Medicine, Aura Clearing

  • Rest, Be, Grieve​

week 4:  Pouring out stress for all: Moving toward Systemic Change

  • Extending Self-Care Tools

  • Systemic Degrees of Stress, Marginalized peoples, Oppression, Privilege

    • the Privilege Walk​

  • Allyship and Becoming a strong Social Justice Ally

    • the Triangle of Social Justice Allyship

    • Interrupting Bias: Calling In and Calling Out

    • DO's and DON'Ts of Allyship

  • Changing Culture


Module 2

week 5:  Understanding Personal + Racialized Trauma

  • Defining Trauma

  • Understanding Somatic Experiencing of Psychological Trauma

    • The Nervous System

    • The Vagal Nerve

    • Micro Aggressions

  • Trauma Retention, Responses, and Re-enactment ​

    • Soul Wounds​

    • PTSD

    • Intergenerational, Historical Trauma

  • How Trauma Affects Culture

  • Racialized Trauma

week 6:  Spiritual Allyship: Moving toward Systemic Change (part 2)

  • Review Stress Management and Trauma

  • The Collective Unconscious and Engaging the Will

  • Communication Skills

    • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)​

    • Guidelines to Listening and Active Listening

    • Communication Enhancers and Blockers

    • "I" Statements

  • Clean Pain vs Dirty Pain​

  • Calling In and Calling Out

    • Understanding and Interrupting Unconscious Bias

  • Understanding "Culture"

    • Whiteness and White Culture​

  • Essential Aspects of Creating/Changing Culture​

  • 8 Steps for Moving Toward Systemic Change

week 7:  Healing Trauma

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Healing Trauma

    • Slow down, Focus on Comfort, Ability, and Connection in the Present Moment

    • Strengthening the Unifying Center

    • Reframing and Building New Pathways

  • Tools to Heal Psychological Trauma

    • "Parts" work

      • Psychosynthesis, Psycho Drama, Shadow Self, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Integral Life Practice

    • Sharing | Giving Back | Symbiotic Healing​

    • EMDR

    • Tapping

      • Bilateral Stimulation, Butterfly Hug

    • Entheogenic Medicine and Holotropic Breath Work​

    • Recommended Books

week 8:  Healing Trauma (part 2)

  • Shaking out Trauma

    • Qigong Shaking, TRE (Tension stress Trauma Release), Somatic Experiencing​

  • "Release and Replace"

  • Healing Affirmations

  • Restorative Yoga and Alexander Technique

  • More on the "Soul Nerve" (Vagal Nerve) 

  • Healing Personal and Intergenerational Trauma

    • more on Clean Pain, The 5 Anchors, "Stop, Drop, and Roll"

    • Settling and Activation​

    • Harmonizing with Other Bodies


Module 3

week 9:  Understanding + Accepting Loss

  • The Universality of Loss and Lack of...

  • Understanding Equality. Equity, and Liberation

  • Death, Cumulative LossExpressing Loss

  • Building Tolerance​, Presence, and Acceptance

    • Loss and Found

    • Striving for a Resilient Mindset

  • "Loving ourselves while not being OK is enough"​

week 10: Understanding + Allowing Grief

  • The many reasons to grieve

  • Uncovering Hidden Grief 

  • Collective Grief, Redemption, and Reciprocity

  • What is Grief and Grieving?

    • The Spectrum of Grief and Secondary Losses

    • Circular Stages, Phases, and Characteristics of Grief

  • Do's and Don'ts when Supporting the Bereaved

  • Gifts of Grief and Grieving

  • Normalizing and Allowing Grief and Grieving

week 11:  Synthesizing Grief and Life

  • Both/And Exercise

  • The Four Questions (with regards to Grief)

  • Adapting to a Changed Reality

  • Grieving in our Daily Lives

week 12:  Creating Avenues for Grieving

  • Opening to Grief through Deep Journaling


Module 4

week 13: Creating Avenues for Grieving (part 2)

  • Review: Stress, Trauma, Loss, Grief

  • Looking back: the Ancestors and the Big Bang

  • Looking forward: Trauma is Passed Forward; Trauma becomes Culture

  • Healing and Grieving: Looking back, forward, and Present

    • Guided Meditation and Writing to your Ancestor​

      • Completing the Action that was thwarted

      • Using the 5 Anchors while doing Trauma Healing work

    • Guided Meditation and Healing in the Present

      • Harmonizing with Others

    • Guided Meditation and Writing from your Descendant

week 14: Creating Avenues for Grieving (part 3)

  • Creating Space for Wisdom to Enter: "Mistakes", Shamanic Healing and Polyrhythms

  • Understanding and Creating Rituals

    • Cultural Rituals​

    • Creating a Personally Meaningful Ritual

week 15: Creating Avenues for Grieving (part 4)

  • Review: How trauma becomes culture and Building a culture of resilience and flow

  • ​Essential aspects of Creating Culture

  • Moving toward systemic change through cultural change

  • Creating a compassionate culture for healing + grief

    • Guided Meditation and Writing with the Future Compassionate Council​

    • Creating a Strategic Plan with Steps

    • Collaboration

week 16:  Implementing our Compassionate Action Plan

  • Review TCR Course 1 material

  • Action plan: forming collaborations

  • Survey


Example Tuition: 16-WEEK COURSE


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