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There are many advantages to Group coaching. Each person brings a unique perspective of a similar or shared experience. Together, the group forms a larger, kaleidoscopic view of a situation, thought, emotion, or experience. This expanded view opens the door to greater acceptance, compassion, and gratitude. In a group, we realize we're not alone. We rediscover (or discover for the first time) that we are connected - with parts of ourselves, each other, Nature, all that's in the Energetic Field, and the Source of it all. In these ways (and more) individuals are able to experience profound and lasting healing in a group setting. 


I have been gratefully creating and facilitating counseling, meditation, and coaching groups in person and online, collectively for over 30 years.


Online and In-person Group offerings: ​

  • Mindfulness- and Psychosynthesis-based Meditation - The "Meditation Family" is open, ongoing, and online, via

  • Movement Group - moving the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies

  • Book Group - for those committed to dismantling racism

  • PlusSide of Anger in Relationships - follows Walter Polt's book: The Anger Makeover

  • TCR Courses - learning + practicing tools together, toward a compassionate, equitable world

Online groups meet via Zoom.  Please contact Ami for more information.


I'm a Radical Self-Acceptance, Mindfulness, and Trauma + Grief Support coach.  I will hold a sacred space for you - to be where you are, in your unique process, as you unfold naturally.  I coach within a Psychosynthesis framework, and incorporate Mindfulness practices, Compassionate Communication, Positive and Transpersonal Psychologies, Metaphysics + Energy Medicine, innovative Wellness tools, and Coaching techniques - such as deep listening, provocative questions, honest + direct observational feedback, and grounding between-sessions self-supporting agreements.  I am Spirit-informed.


I offer the following individual coaching sessions: 


Individual sessions are scheduled for 60-120-minutes each, online via Zoom, or by phone. 



To explore which option best fits your needs, contact Ami. 

It will be an honor to work with you.
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