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Basic Retreat Information


Friday, February 16 - Sunday, February 18





Lykia Edrassa  (click to visit website)

Adrasan 241. Sk. No: 24   Kumluca/Antalya




TUITION: YOU CHOOSE (from 2500 ₺ – 6000 ₺)

ROOM/MEALS: from 3357 ₺ (per person)


* Upon completion 26-hours will be applied toward TCR CERTIFICATION

(500+ hours: The Compassionate Revolution®, Five Body Yoga®, and Compassionate Community Retreat® training) 







Compassionate Communication

♥ Energy Medicine

♥ Five Body Yoga® 

♥ Mindfulness and Meditation

♥ Spiritual Psychology

♥ Ecstatic Dance 

♥ Restorative Yoga

♥ Loss and Grief

♥ Self-Expression

♥ Acceptance




Friday February 16

17:00-19:00        Arrive, light dinner, meet and greet

19:00-20:00        Working with Energy through Meditation (introduction and practice, part one)

20:00-21:00        Join the online “Meditation Family”

21:00-22:00        Setting our weekend Intentions by the Fire


Saturday February 17

09:00-11:00        full Turkish Breakfast

11:00-12:00        Compassionate Communication (introduction and practice)

12:00-14:00        Five-Body Yoga® class (connecting the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual bodies)

14:00-15:00        Mindfulness and Meditation (introduction and practice, part two)

15:00-16:00        light lunch

16:00-18:00        Psychosynthesis: a spiritual psychology (introduction and practice)

18:00-19:00        Ecstatic Dance (introduction and practice)

19:00-20:00        light dinner

20:00-21:00        Restorative Yoga

21:00-22:00        Cleansing by the Fire


Sunday February 18

09:00-10:00        full Turkish Breakfast

10:00-11:00        Mindfulness Meditation (introduction and practice, part three)

11:00-12:00        Five-Body Yoga® class

12:00-13:00        Compassionate Grief and Grieving (introduction and practice)

13:00-15:00       Self-Expression/Acceptance/Love (through movement, art, writing, sharing)

15:00-17:00        light lunch and Closing



Accommodation and Meals:


Your Retreat accommodation includes two nights (Friday and Saturday) 

at the Lykia Edrassa hotel and Retreat Center, in beautiful Adrasan.


If you would like to book your stay for longer, please contact Lykia Edrassa directly.

Your Retreat accommodation includes a full Turkish Breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday,

and light meals for Friday’s dinner, Saturday’s lunch, Saturday’s dinner, and Sunday’s lunch.

Light meals will be served to allow full participation in Retreat activities.

Additional meals will be available for an additional cost.




What to Bring:


Comfortable clothes to move in

Warm clothes for sitting around the outdoor fire

a notebook or journal for writing and drawing

your favorite writing and drawing supplies (pens, markers, etc.)





WhatsApp……. Ami Ji   +1 802 257 4818


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